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Jericho Is…

Setting The Captives Free

All of Jericho’s women and children have experienced traumatic events in their childhood — some things too difficult for us to imagine. We provide a healthy life, discipleship training, vocational and formal education, along with prayer-filled loving care in a family atmosphere.


In a Nutshell…

Jericho Ministries began with evening visits to a high prostitution area in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As the women began to trust Christ with their lives, they needed help finding work with dignity. Out of that need was born the sewing workshop of Jericho. The women were discipled in the ministry and learned job skills while witnessing to their friends who were still trapped in prostitution. The families of the women at Jericho were the reason for starting our schools and family homes. Our vision is to equip  women and children to glorify God by breaking the chains of prostitution, sexual abuse, and addictions that have plagued their families for generations.