Projects of Jericho

Road to the Villa

Help finish the road to Jericho Villa! Many of you have visited us and experienced first hand the rock n’ roll ride that our road to Jericho provides. This adventure, by God’s grace, will soon be a thing of the past! The very rocks that caused us pain and jolted every joint both in car and body are now being sculpted and placed together to form a smooth vehicle- friendly path. That would preach, wouldn’t it? Anyway, we are thrilled and hope that you will be too (especially those of you who will be visiting soon!) We are 1/3 of the way done and are praying for the needed funds to complete the road before the rains become too heavy to continue with construction. Approx. amount still needed: $40K .

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School for the Villa kids

Participate in our dream to build a school for the growing Jericho family of children and youth complete with a basketball/soccer court. Our architect has drawn a very functional plan which includes an amazing view of the valley and a porch with a fireplace where the teachers can spend time reading to their special charges. Approx. cost $250K

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The Villa Chapel

Help with construction of our chapel. There is a rock formation as you climb up the road to Jericho which has a view that takes your breath away. As you look out from that elevated point, you get the sense that God is using the beauty of His creation to woo you closer to Himself. That’s where we would like to build our chapel which would serve as a place of worship for the women and children as well as for groups coming on spiritual retreats. Approx. cost: $100K

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