Jericho School

Your support helps to provide all of the following:

  • Connector.


    A quality education where children can learn and develop academically and spiritually to fulfill the dream God has for them.

  • Connector.


    A daily health, nutrition and exercise program that contributes to healthy lives.

  • Connector.


    Our program focuses on the most vulnerable children in Tegucigalpa who live in high risk areas. We protect the children from exploitation, violence, abuse and neglect by working alongside the children’s families and the community.

our history

Jericho School began in 2005 as a primary school for the children of the women in Jericho Ministries. It has since grown to include kindergarten through 12th grade. The 2018 academic year began in January with a dramatic increase in attendance. Children from the outskirts of the local dump needed a school, and through God’s provision, the students are picked up at 5:30 every morning to attend Jericho School!