Living in extreme poverty

Karlita is approximately seven years old but we don’t know for sure because no one in her family registered her birth. She has a Mom and three brothers between the ages of two and nine. One of them is her twin.
Her Mom seems to have mental issues. She has had lots of partners and all of her children have different fathers. They live in extreme poverty and the children were allowed to roam the street day and night begging and suffering all kinds of abuse.

The Little Chocolates

Karla never went to school. Several different people talked to Jericho about the plight of these little ones. They were known around their town as “the little chocolates”. Her four year old brother made money by giving “tours” and doing “errands” for whoever could would pay. Jericho reported their case to child care services. The government sent someone to get the kids but they could only catch Karlita and the littlest 3 year old brother, Hector.

Loving Life

Karlita has adapted well so far to living in the Jericho Villa. She doesn’t mention her Mom except to say she does not miss her or the mistreatment she received at her Mother’s hand.

Karla is a loving child who loves to dance to the music she carries within. She has learned how to swim, loves to swing and enjoys hugging whoever is close at hand. She is happy and will go to first grade next year.

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