jericho staff

Meet Our Staff

Jericho staff members are from three different countries and all have a heart for what God is doing in and through the ministry.

We praise God for the way he has called us together for His glory!

Elizabeth Hake

Founder/Executive Director
Betsy Hake, founding director of Jericho Ministries, is a veteran missionary with more than thirty years of service in Honduras. She served as a teacher, nurse, and church planter before answering God’s call to reach out to women trapped in prostitution and their children. Betsy is originally from Wisconsin, but her supporting churches are scattered across the United States. Betsy and her family live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and enjoy the wildness and adventure that is inherent in following Jesus. One of her biggest joys is watching God do what the world deems impossible…..bringing beauty from ashes, healing the incurable, transforming the abused and rejected. Betsy’s family is a part of Iglesia Bautista del Las Americas.

Elvia Forgas de Madrid

Director of Jericho Kid’s Ministries and of Jericho’s medical assistance program
Before coming to Jericho, Elvia worked in a government medical clinic and then ran her own clinic in an impoverished barrio of the city. She is a medical doctor born and bred in Honduras and she is gifted in counseling, evangelism, and deliverance. She is a great gift to the ministry as she is multi talented and has a tremendous passion to seek hard after Jesus. She oversees the Villa campus, caring and ministering to the children on a daily basis.

Mindy Hake

Director of child Sponsorships
Mindy joined Jericho when she retired from teaching 4th grade in Albuquerque, NM. She considers herself extremely blessed to have a second career that allows her to made a difference in the lives of children, use her artistic gifts and exult the name of Jesus.

Saira Figueroa de Hernandez

Saira has been with the ministry almost since it’s inception serving first in sales and then becoming involved in the financial aspects and administration. She has a heart for the women and is diligent in her area of ministry. She loves to evangelize and is used by God to encourage women to seek Him first.

Norma Avila

Director of Food Service/Store Manager
Norma came to us originally as a volunteer in the day care center but her giftedness in the culinary arts made it clear where she needed to be. She cooks amazing meals for our children while running our store where products the women make are sold. Norma serves everything she makes with love and grace.

Gustavo Wandurraga

Purchasing Manager and Handyman
Gustavo, originally from Colombia, S. A., joined us in March when it became clear that we needed help with the purchasing of construction materials. Gustavo has a servant’s heart and loves to share evangelistic tracts when he is out on the road. He comes to us from the Baptist Church de la Colonia America and is married with two children. He is a great blessing to the ministry. (Gustavo and his son Gustavo jr. in the picture to the left)

Marlyn Galo

Director of English and Physical Education
Marlyn grew up in a poor neighborhood in Tegucigalpa and became a health care worker when she was only 11 years old. She attended a three year mission school in the day while completing her high school degree on the weekends. She came to Jericho to do her practicum while in the mission school and she has been with us ever since. She studied English as a second language at the Honduran National Univesity. A born teacher, she can teach any age and is doing wonders with the children.

Keydy Waleska Aguilar

Assistant to the Elementary School Director/High School Supervisor
Keydy taught various grades at Jericho Christian School before becoming full time staff out at the Villa for a year. This year she will be overseeing our High School program and assisting Maria with the administration of our school. Keydy is a very gifted and dedicated teacher, always going the extra mile to help the students grow in their understanding.

Noe Hake McCall

Multimedia Department Manager/Caregiver
Noe grew up in the ministry as he came to be a part of Betsy’s family when he was 4 years of age. He now serves at Jericho in the publicity sphere, keeping Jericho up to date in the area of social media. Noe also teaches at the Villa and serves as a care-giver for the boys. Noe is very gifted in leading worship and in leading others into His Presence. He has a great love of soccer and anything to do with that sport!

Lorena Rodriguez

Jericho Villa High School Teacher
Lorena teaches in our primary school out in the Villa. She began teaching with us when the first four children came to live in the Villa. She has a deep love for Jesus and loves to teach. Lorena walks up the mountain every day to get to the Villa and she is extremely dedicated. Her husband, Juan, has a tourism business and he has helped us in many ways with the teams that come to visit.