Jericho House

Situated in Colonia Miramontes, Tegucigalpa, our Jericho House was dedicated to God in November of 2005. The Jericho family had been praying for sometime for their “own home” because they had outgrown their rented offices downtown. God clearly answered that prayer by providing a three story
home and then provided for the remodeling of the building to fit the needs of the ministry. Jericho House is comprised of a sewing workshop for the Jericho women, a store to sell the products made by the rescued women, a primary school for the women’s children, a library, playgrounds, offices, and a future coffee shop/bakery which will be called K-Fe (“Fe” means faith in Spanish). Our coffee shop will be a source of income as well as provide a healthy workplace for the women.

The Villa

During the later part of 2008 the Lord encouraged the Jericho staff to begin a prevention program for the children of the women and men who are trapped in prostitution and are at high risk for entering prostitution. There are now over 40 children in our Jericho family, most of whom live in the Villa.
Jericho Villa is our children’s home out in the country where the children that God brings to us are educated and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. All of our children experienced extremely traumatic childhoods due to poor decisions on the part of their parents and our prayer is that through vocational and formal education, discipleship training, and prayer filled loving care in a family atmosphere they will be equipped and set free to become all that God has in mind for them to be. The vision is that they will be “bestowed with a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.” Isaiah 61:3Jericho has legal custody of these children whose ages range from 2 years to 18 years, and is committed to their physical, emotional and spiritual development until their own mothers can care for them in a godly way or until they are able to live for Christ on their own. We pray that these children, by the power of Christ, will be able to lead lives that glorify God, thus breaking the generational chains of prostitution, sexual abuse, and various addictions that have plagued their families. What a joy it is to see Jesus transforming their lives and giving them a future and a hope. This facet of our ministry includes monthly outreaches by our children to minister to other children from neighborhoods known for prostitution and outreaches to the parents of our children.

Jericho Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is four-fold:

1. Offer a practical skill that generates income so that the women don’t have to be on the streets
2. Help them grow in their love of Christ and their obedience to Him
3. Help them learn to work and cooperate with others in an atmosphere of acceptance and love
4. Encourage them to walk in the truth of the value and worth they have in Christ

To fulfill these purposes, the greatest emphasis is placed on the women having an ongoing abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.Thus formal and informal discipleship through worship, Bible Study, and counseling is a vital part of each day. He is ultimately the One who keeps the women from returning to the streets. Their testimonies are powerful and they are encouraged in their desire to proclaim freedom to their former colleagues still trapped in the prostitution lifestyle. Thus the workshop is not only the place where a skill is learned but also a workshop of the heart!

Jericho Store

Our store was opened as a result of our need to display and sell the products that are made in our workshops. The women make a variety of fine linens for the home as well as hand-carved frames. Products are also sold through supporting churches in the United States.

Street Ministry

Jericho Ministries continues to make visits to the streets to share the love of Christ with women trapped in prostitution. Often small gifts that the rescued women make by hand are given out to show God’s love in a tangible way. Special events are also a part of the street ministry which include ministry to the women and their children through dramas, evangelistic outreaches, special meals, medical brigades, visits to the women’s homes, and Vacation Bible School.

Prison Ministry

In 2010 one of the women we had been reaching out to ended up in prison for assault and robbery. While in prison she had a true conversion to Jesus and she asked us if she could begin a “mini-Jericho” on the prison grounds. Indira now teaches four women to sew and disciples them. Saira, our administrator visits once a month to oversee this new program and she takes all five of Indira’s children, whom we are raising, to see her.