You are my princess!

Mayra’s growth was rapid. It was time for her first Jericho paycheck and she had worked hard for her money. When she arrived at her rented room, she locked up her money and went to pick-up her child from the babysitter. While she was out, someone broke into her room and stole her money. She was so discouraged that she began to listen to the lies of the enemy. “You might as well give in and go back out to the streets. You’ll never be anything but a worthless prostitute.” Feeling disheartened and angry, she soon believed the enemy of her soul. From there it was only a few steps back to the streets. But, Mayra’s belonged to the King of Kings and it was not the end of the story.

At Jericho, she had learned that she was a new creature and that the Scriptures called her a daughter of the King which made her a Princess. Now standing on the street corner clothed in her former streetwear, these new truths began to clash with the enemy’s words. The battle was on in her mind. As she stepped up onto the running board of a former client’s car, she heard the Lord say to her clearly, “You are my Princess and you do not belong here any longer.” There was no mistaking His voice. She was able to retrace her steps and return home without having gotten any farther into the filth that God had saved her from. Mayra never returned to the streets except to evangelize, after that experience in June.

Jericho Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is four-fold:

1. Offer a practical skill that generates income so that the women don’t have to be on the streets
2. Help them grow in their love of Christ and their obedience to Him
3. Help them learn to work and cooperate with others in an atmosphere of acceptance and love
4. Encourage them to walk in truth of the value and worth they have in Christ.

To fulfill these purposes, the greatest emphasis is placed on the women having an ongoing abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus formal and informal discipleship through worship, Bible Study, and counseling is a vital part of each day. He is ultimately the One who keeps the women from returning to the streets. Their testimonies are powerful and they are encouraged in their desire to proclaim freedom to their former colleagues still trapped in the prostitution lifestyle. Thus the workshop is not only the place where a skill is learned but also a workshop of the heart!